The A.R.T Mobile Lab is a research initiative of the Banff New Media Institute at The Banff Centre. The lab was created in 2005 to enable research into mobile and location-based media design, art, technology and cultures of use. In particular, we focus on media created for outdoor spaces and communities and innovative technologies, interactions, and experiences designed for remote locations from cultural heritage sites and wilderness areas to urban parks. Our primary activities include technical R&D (mainly software development for mobile devices), content creation, design research, participant ethnography and audience evaluation, and mobile media outreach and training.


Locative Learning Project Videos Available!

The Locative Learning Project was a place-based learning history project that the A.R.T. Mobile lab, along with Learning Through the Arts and the Banff Community High School undertook in 2007 and '08.

Two versions of the documentary video about the project are now available. Enjoy!

The Short Version

The Long Version

Interview with Mobile Lab Lead Researcher Angus Leech in Maisonneuve Magazine

Tadzio Richards writes about the Slow movement that is (slowly) taking the world (and Calgary) by storm.


Adventure in UAE

Last summer I was hanging out with some girls in Dubai. They showed me quite decent lounges and clubs and seemed to know the nigthlife pretty well. It then turned out that they were from Dubai having just some fun with slackers like me in free time :)

EasyMap Project underway

The Mobile Lab team is once again busily working on a locative media/mobile learning project. We have partnered with Learning Through The Arts and Four Bow Valley schools on the EasyMap project, which will see the creation of a locative mobile mapping system with an easy-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI) to be used by students out in the wide world, collecting data (in the form of photos, text, audio and video files) and mapping it. When the pilot project phase is complete (late summer 2010), we will be releasing the system into the realm of open source, allowing community groups, developers and anyone else to make their own maps and (hopefully) make the system available for a wide variety of mobile platforms!

More to come on this exciting project as things come together in the new year!

Tracklines Video now available!

Whether you're unable to get out in the wilds of Banff National Park's Hoodoo trail or looking to relive those happy hours spent learning about the natural history of our beautiful backyard, this video about the A.R.T. Mobile Lab's Tracklines project is now here. It's also available in the Tracklines section of the website. Happy Trails!
Tracklines: The Movie

Mobile Lab Open House / Guided GPS Walking Tours

As part of Alberta Arts Days we invite Albertans to discovering a behind-the-scenes look at the ART mobile Lab by coming along to the open house at the Banff Centre and to gain first hand experiencing using guided GPS walking tours around Banff.
Open house: The open house will have members of the public dropping by to take a behind the scenes look at our growing research program. Guests will see how the BNMI’s research into mobile media extends from the lab to the streets of Banff to the great outdoors.
GPS Walking tours
Voices in the Forest: Created by artist Julie Meyers, this is an audio tour of the Hoodoo’s trail situated close to the Banff Centre. The tour invites you to experience the riverside woods from a child’s point of view. A combination of fact and fiction, these stories were collected and scripted with help from the kindergarten children at Banff Elementary School.
The Banff Mobile History Tour: A locative audio tour of the colourful history of downtown Banff, fresh from the imaginations of Grade 7 Social students from Banff Community High School.
For more information on Alberta Arts Days follow this link http://culture.alberta.ca/artsdays/events/eventlisting.aspx?City=21
For more information on the Banff Centre open day follow this link